Persistent Last-mile Congestion: Not so Uncommon


Persistent last-mile congestion

Last-mile is the centerpiece of broadband connectivity, as poor last-mile performance generally translates to poor quality of experience. In this work we investigate last-mile latency in 646 ASes using traceroute data from RIPE Atlas and focus on recurrent performance degra- dation. We find that in normal times only 10% ASes experience persistent last-mile congestion but we record 55% more congested ASes during the COVID-19 outbreak. Persistent last-mile congestion is not uncommon, usually seen in large eyeball networks and may span over years.

This website presents results for all ASes that are reported as congested during our measurement periods (Mar.2018 to Apr.2020). The results are obtained from the method described in this research paper (IMC20) and raw data is here.

Survey results